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Cateye Volt 700 Hl-el470rc 700 Lumen Front Light

No longer available


The 700 lumen Volt700 features five modes: Dynamic, Normal, All-Night, Hyper-Constant and Flashing. The large capacity 3100mAH Li-ion cartridge battery that can be charged via micro USB. The battery is compatible with the Volt300 and Volt50, making it a smart addition to the Volt light series. The Volt700. Super compact. Super bright.
- Dimension 31.2 x 116.0 x 43.2 mm
- Weight 140 grams (light unit and battery)
- Light source High intensity white LED X1
- Run time Dynamic mode (700 lumens) approx 2hrs Normal mode (300 lumens) approx 3.5hrs All-Night mode (100 lumens) approx 10hrs Hyper Constant mode (max 800 lumens) approx 7hrs Flashing mode (100 lumens): approx 50hrs
- Battery Li-ion rechargeable battery (3.6V-3100mAh)
- Recharge time approx 5-11 hrs (5 hr fast recharge using 1A or higher USB charging adaptor, or using USB3.0)
- Recharge/discharge number of times about 300 times(until the rated capacity drops to 70%)
- Other: Built-in fast recharging circuit. Low battery indicator. Lighting mode memory function. Helmet mount (optional)